December 21, 2011


waasup bloggers...

friends is one of the most precise thing u got in this world..there also a hadith about friend related to ourselves.. if u want to know a person,look with who he had been friend..friend probably play a major character in our life movies.. they used to influence us to be a good boy or even being a bad guy..

for all these year..i had made a lot of friend.. for me,malaysian is my friend..** 1 malaysia.. ahaha.. however,not all of my friend is a real friend.. there is a little part from those who had playing a bad character.. what can i say,this is life..nobody's perfect..

i got stabbed by my classmate twice.. both were different person.. i don't know what was they thinking.. we live in the same earth..but,still spite for each other.. did they realized there is nothing u get if u stabbed back ur friend.. probably,they must out of their mind at that stupid moment..

done for stabbing.. for reality,we used to make friend as we hope that those friend can be with us when we happy and most importantly when we were sad.. and,from my short friends list,i got many people that is being with the sad or happy moment.. actually,i'm not sharing my sad story with others... i like to handle it by myself.. that is why they always with me,because they tought that i am not a problematic person.. but the truth is???? lame me~

there is a moment when friend was in second place and gf/bf were considered as winner.. yupp,that is true.. people can kill their friend just because of their love.. how sad was the killer... lost in their own love story... i pray fo u guys... 

p/s : appreciate ur friend wisely...

December 17, 2011

something about love

hey guys..wassup...

i know this is a little bit weird when i started to writing about love.. well,just for u to know, i am not actually in love,but i'm just finished watching "a walk to remember" movies.. that was quite touching film i ever seen..after "heavenly forest".. 

back to the point..actually,the thing that make me thinking about love is when the actor said,he had been changed by love..does love really can change a people..turn a person from bad to good,turn someone upside down.. well,that a big question.. but for me,i never think i was changed when i was in love.. or,maybe i still haven't meet the one.. who knows.. everything is already planned by HIM..

the next point is, if someone changed because of love,will they go back into the darkness after they were broke up.. broke up can give a person stuck in such a terrible depression.. for people out there who think that they not strong enough to lose someone u love, my suggestion for u guys, don't make love.. there always and ending for a beginning.. for me,love ain't sweet as we wanted, love is also not bitter as we scared..

forgetting people that u love is too hard as u tried to think about a person that never exist..the memories that your guys been together,they will haunted u till the end.. maybe u think that u just created a sweet memories with your soulmate,but,those sweet memories can easily turned into something much bitter than u know when u done with your love..

P/s : for me,love after marriage is the best solution.. don't lose to love...that is embarrassing..

December 15, 2011


when the moon rise...that is the time for my brain started to think...think about everything that is matter... and for me,all that happen to me counted as matter.. if you guys know me well, then you guys must know that i am a person with a lot of problem.. actually,i'm not facing too many problem, but those problem still can drive me crazy.. 

im not an artist but i do love to write a song..and i do love making a melody from my acoustic a matter of fact,i don't get support from my parents in this case..but, i still keep one can ever stop me from plucking my kapok acoustic guitar and have some rock and roll with my gibson electric guitar... this is my life man.. you guys should really mind just your own...i never screwed u guys,why don't u give me my own space rite..

now,i am having big trouble in making new lyrics...what happen..where is all words in my mind have been to? am i losing to myself now..well,dear's not that simple if u want to see me giving up...

done with those guitar and,it's about my first novel wannabe..i can't believe that writing a novel give me so much fun..i do not know when it all started, but,it seems like it takes me really long period of time to finish up my first-born novel..and why it take too much time...because now,the idea that i got inside my brain earlier had flew away without,i had to think again on how the plot in my novel is going to..that is a big problem bro...

actually, i like writing matter it is a poem,song , qoutes or even a novel.. but, i will happy if i'm not share those kind of thing with others.. it not really because it don't like to, but ,i always think that i'm not producing such a sweet thing or maybe a joyable things... i'm not that confident to share it yet..

am i too humble or am i lack of confident? i don't know... as long as i can wrote,i don't care about other thing..and this is me...

ape aku mngarut nie sbenarnya...

October 31, 2011


actually xtau nak buat apa kat rumah.. so,melayan la gitar kejap.. then terasa nk tulis sumting terus buat.. setengah jam punya kerja ni la hasil nya..


intro :G D Em C

  G                           D
You  are the fire
Em                          C
 lighted up the dark
G                             D
 took me up so high
Em                                          C
thousands  feet  from the sky

G                             D
but the day is over
Em                          C
I can fell the pain
G                                             D
Falling from the top of the sky
Em                          C
Right into the grave

G D Em C

G                             D
It’s a bittersweet
Em                                          C
 That’s what I never meant to be
G                             D
It’s a bittersweet
Em                          C
It really hurt like shit


G                             D
It’s a bittersweet
Em                          C             G
It’s a bittersweet
(repeat 2x)

October 30, 2011

tak nak tulis tajuk

:) hype sume..!!

actually otak tengah kosong tak tau nak tulis ape.. semester 1 pon baru sambung sikit je. bukan idea kering o ape, tapi jari jemari malas melaksanakan kerja. diorang lagi suke berseronok dengan tali gitar. haha. 

hmm,raya haji dah dekat. tapi my mom and dad kate xbalik kg. sikit punya frusted kawan ni. lama dah x menjejak kn kaki ke kg becheh keranji n kg alor hijau kelantan. ni semua sebab tak dapat cuti la.. haish, kerjaan pun satu masalah. da tau orang nak raya bagi la cuti lama sikit. deepavali seminggu cuti, raya haji sehari je. hampeh betol.

ape la nasib, duk umah penuh dengan masalah. memang la semua orang tak lari dari masalah. tapi.....

entah la..last 2 days,tengah2 baca status kt fb,terbace status kawan lama. hidup dia sekarang sama macam family aku dulu. smpai kete pun kena jual. tp at least dia okey lagi, aku dulu lagi teruk..tak perlu la kan nak buat citer sedih kat sini. ape pun all da best utk bespren aku tuh.. hidup ni memang macam tu.. kejap kita kat atas, kejap kat bawah. tapi, ape pun yang jadi. dalaman kena kuat k.

bak kata jinbara 

"miskin salahkan tuhan , kaya jadi tuhan" 

macam mane tuh,haha..masing2 punya pendapat la tuh..xcampur k. 

masalah kena pandai-pandai la settle kan. haha, cakap senang la..aku pun xselesai lagi masalah. nk buat camne. semakin hari semakin serabut. i really need time to be alone.. without anybody around me. even they was my parents..kalo la boley buat wish untuk hilang kejap dari bumi nie kan best. hantar gi pluto ke,jauh skit. kompem xde orang kacau.

October 23, 2011

statement of the day

statement 1~

bangun pagi mengadap laptop.rase macam nk let out sumting.tapi xtau ape.anyway,korang caye x kalo aku ckp manusia ngan handphone xdpt dipisahkan..kalo x caye,"percayalah".bila pikir balik kan,mmg la nsed tu satu keperluan di zaman teknologi ni..tapi,bg aku,nsed ni buat otak aku serabut pun ade...

so,ak skang cuba hidup tanpa nsed..sbnrnya bukan ape,saje je nk menyendiri buat seketika.yelah..kalo x manjang duk cot cet je ngan nsed..borak ape pon xtau la..kalo ikut kn fb pon ak nk bila pikir,nnt kawan ade pape nk gtau,lgsung xley cntact payah jugak,fb still remain,nsed.........

so,kawan2...ade pape wall fb je k..lg sng kan.. :) 

statement 2 ~

okei,tamat cite pasal nsed..skang big poblem dgn uitm plak..hahaha..masalah nie xsemua la yang tau,ape yang terjadi nie aku anggap sebagai satu ujian jela bg aku..mmg la aku bersalah,tp skang kesalahan tu ak da tak buat..uitm pun da abih baik da bg hukuman ringan mcm tu...ringan bg uitm aku,hukuman tu still sume pengaruh dr kawan2 la ni..

tp,bukan kawan2 je yang bersalah,kalo aku jenis yang kuat pegangan,komepm xterjebak,same2,kne mintak pertolongan...."calling code" alamak,betol masalah kalo da red code nie :P

hopefully,pertolongan tu sampai dengan first aid...kawan nie da parah da nie dengan poblem..n hopefully first aid tuh mampu la nk tolong ubat keparahan otak nie..n for me, INGAT,JGN DUK WAT KEJE BODO LAGI... :)

statement 3 ~

nsed dah,otak parah pun dah..yang nie nk cite pasal aku rindu nk jd mcm dulu balik...ak pn xpaham tu lah..bile teringat balik zaman2 dlu,masalah mmg selambe je aku redah sume..yela,time tu...ape pun nk kate ape,lantak p la...

tp tu lah...kalo jadi mcm dlu,sia2 jela usaha aku nk jd "baik"...kate nye la nk jd baik..haha..kadang2 aku pun xpaham,yang pelik2 nie cepat je timbul keinginan,tp masuk bab baik,langsung payah..kalau la dua2 tu boleh tukar kn best..hmmm~

kalu ikut ajaran islam,amar makuf nahi aku?erkk...mcm mane ek nk ckp...

skang ni da jadi macam the road not taken yang blaja time skola mngah dlu.hmm,salah pilih jalan abis~ kompius ambo nk ikot jale mano nie.... Y_Y

well,dat all for now,nnt ak update lg...

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