February 21, 2012


wassup bloggers..

have u guys ever feel this. feel likes something bothering inside and probably messed up your day. for guys who got this,u are officially categorized under claustrophobic type. u might feel  like u want to be alone at that time and mostly like to make something that can enjoy yourself. i got this feeling past two days,if not mistaken, but, i admit that i can get over with it. it just something difference from the feels that i used to felt before. to be frank,it much complicated. i feel like everybody around me is just enemy to me. i don't want to see anyone. but,i keep thinking that is just a fake feeling. even i feel suffocated by people around me, i keep missing people who are far away from me. and for the first time, i miss my home too. yeahh.. that is weird. complicated to tell. my feeling got mix by many things. and never forget, i got many idea to writing out a song but i didn't make it just because i got no guitar in my hand,no laptop and no pen or pencil. miss that part for nothing. i'm a dumb. for sure. 

is this life will stop suffered me up one day. is it the life who make me suffered or i'm the one who did it? can't really tell the truth. but, i just don't like the way of my life. totally different from what i've dream. i do think 50% of my suffering part is because i just  underestimated what the life got. i think i can do better, but to be frank, they got some more than me. so life -1,me-0.

p/s : xpernah x mengarut aku nie.
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